What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a system or solution that collects, captures, manages, and extracts value from structured or unstructured content within an organization. In reality, a proper ECM system goes well beyond just managing and storing content. It supports the entire lifecycle of content, from creation, management, and storage to archiving and delivery. To maximize business value, all of these steps are of equal importance.

DocuSuite – A Better Electronic Document and Records Management System 

DocuLynx addresses critical business issues related to information management by maximizing the value of your organization’s data through our infrastructure and services. We help you automate critical tasks related to ECM, including software that enables Information Governance and Storage Optimization. With DocuSuite, organizations realize real-world solutions to real-world problems.

We help organizations with: 

Identifying the Information You Have – The sheer volume of information and associated digital versions created by most businesses is growing at an explosive rate. We can help lower your cost while increasing your security. We help you understand:

  • What information needs to move to the cloud for efficiency and reduced costs
  • What information must comply with regulatory requirements
  • What information is a security risk, and must be encrypted to avoid security breaches

Managing that Information Effectively – Information has become more expensive to manage than create. For every $1 spent on content creation, it costs $18 to administer that content. Our easy-to-implement software allows you to manage your enterprise information, regardless of where it resides. Your information can be managed in such a way that reduces IT storage costs and compliance risk, all while maximizing information value.

We help your enterprise reduce compliance risk by:

  • Retaining documents according to appropriate retention schedules
  • Keeping sensitive data (PII) secure
  • Audit-proofing your business by enabling access control 
  • Applying classification tags to make data easy to search and discover during an audit
  • Managing information throughout its lifecycle - from creation or capture and classification, through management to archival or deletion.

Maximizing Your Information Assets – Knowledge is power, and we give you the power to maximize the value of your data assets. We help you access your information and create new business processes. We incorporate new sources of information, such as the web, alongside legacy systems, all while making your information available to you on premise and in mobile environments.

We empower your organization to:

  • Shift the focus on content from simply storing it to extracting real business value and insight from it
  • Deliver the most relevant content and information to the right user at the right time
  • Reduce storage costs by 60-80%
  • Reduce compliance risk

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