Regulatory Compliance with DocuSuite

Modernize Your Information Governance Strategy

Regulatory and compliance issues are a top agenda item for CIOs. Information is power until it becomes mismanaged. Poorly managed, non-compliant, non-centralized information can cause real monetary challenges, especially if a company finds itself in litigation by not meeting its industry’s compliance requirements. An Information Governance strategy will help organizations process and use data in a more efficient and effective manner. 

But it isn’t just about having a strategy. It is about having a modern strategy that keeps up with ever-changing legal requirements. DocuLynx can help. The DocuSuite solution, along with our Unified Archiving backbone, allows you to manage your enterprise information, regardless of where it resides. Our products enable organizations to manage their data in a way that reduces regulatory compliance risk while maximizing the value of information. Many of the components in our DocuSuite solution are focused specifically on managing regulatory compliance issues. 

Compliance Proof Your Documents & Archives

  • Use DocuOffice to create compliance-proof archives within SharePoint.
  • Use DocuMail to archive your email communication in a compliance-proof fashion
  • Use DocuERP to unburden your ERP systems through the secure archiving of data and information.

DocuSuite increases value & empowers your information, where it counts

  • Defensibly destroy information that does not meet compliance and retention schedules.
  • Gain information transparency to ensure that all data is held in compliance.
  • Enable the ability to lock down information for litigation and search effectively across active and archived information.
  • Ensure the correct access to sensitive information, as well as its movement into the cloud.


Compliant Solutions for All Industries

Financial Compliance Example:

FINRA Compliant Rules Such As:

  • SEC 17a-3
  • SEC 17a-4
  • SEC 17a-5


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