Primary storage environments are expensive, and IT budgets can’t keep pace with the exponential increase in data. That is why it is important to optimize how you store your company’s data while maximizing its value.


  • Analyze which information is active and should be kept in primary storage, and which data must be retained in compliance-proof archives, and which data is rarely used
  • Classify data automatically per your business information rules
  • Archive rarely used data in low-cost storage, whether it is on-site cloud, the public cloud, or DocuLynx’s secure, private cloud archive
  • Eliminate redundant, obsolete, and trivial information
  • Enable information to be easily accessed, while still protecting access to sensitive data
  • Reduce storage costs by 60-80%

Migrate Information Intelligently To Cloud Storage

After we help you evaluate the information to keep, delete or archive, we help you migrate that data to low-cost storage in a useful way, avoiding the data dump that often happens. It is important to keep data easily accessible, especially in cases of an audit or litigation. Learn more about our Intelligent Migration solutions. Ready to start saving on storage costs? Contact us for a demo today.