Records Management Compliance Without Complexity

Most businesses are required to keep a lot of records on file. Whether the information is HIPPA-compliant, or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), companies spend a lot of money and time managing their data. DocuSuite enables you to manage the retention and disposition of records as well as impose legal holds.

Transform Your Manual, Paper-Based Process

Today, many companies and government offices have a combination of paper-based and digital records, making it even more labor-intensive to find information when it's needed. DocuLynx can streamline this process.

Use our Records Management Solution to:

  • Scan, analyze, classify, and store records in compliance-proof storage
  • Ensure that all declared records are retained per internal and/or external requirements
  • Oversee consistent and timely destruction of records
  • Guarantee that required records for potential litigation are never destroyed
  • Provide an audit trail and reporting on all declared records to demonstrate compliance and disprove spoliation
  • Deliver reports on legal holds, record destruction, record declaration and disposition approval as well as standard reports that track actions involving records
  • Present system-wide information about content, users, projects, and activities in a convenient dashboard view