DocHaven Private Cloud™ is an on-premise archive solution, designed for high volume, high transactional users aimed at managing a rapidly growing repository of digital documents. The docHaven Private Cloud™ solution is a Windows based document storage and electronic distribution platform. The software enables the enterprise to easily manage compliance and retention policies for stored documents, reports, images, voice and video data types for their high volume storage and access needs. Once documents are resident in the docHaven repository, the platform provides multiple search and retrieval for knowledge workers as well as consumers looking for statements, correspondence or other documents. The unique design of docHaven enables it to significantly outperform traditional relational databases.

DocHaven Private Cloud™ enables users to:

  • Reduce costs by eliminating paper and microfiche storage
  • View archived statements from the desktop
  • Provide the ultimate end-user access to statements and correspondence
  • Archive in a regulatory compliant format

Additionally, DocHaven's open architecture makes it possible to seamlessly integrate with cutting-edge document composition software like HP Exstream and GMC's PrintNet as well as commonly seen Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

We also offer web-based access that can be implemented within your enterprise's existing infrastructure in minutes. Our solution can ingest and store PDF documents in milliseconds for even the largest of databases.

Web-based access provides:

  • Online search and retrieval capabilities of all DocHaven databases
  • An Integrated security module
  • Access to data using standard web browsers
  • Documents in true fidelity
  • Tracking of all server events
  • Customizable document retention and storage utilization