Medical Document Scanning

Overwhelmed with paper documents? DocuLynx has the answer.

If you’re like most medical offices, you’re drowning in paper. The typical office handles tens of thousands of documents a year. This means you must allocate physical space to store volumes of patient information forms, patient charts, insurance claim forms, and treatment authorization forms. You also need staff members to file, retrieve and re-file clinical and billing-related documents on an ongoing basis. Paperwork originating from hospitals and labs provide yet another set of administrative challenges. 

Meeting insurance, legal, and HIPAA requirements means managing a whole host of forms. All too often, insurance companies lose these forms, forcing you to find them and resubmit them for payment. All of these activities are inherently inefficient and costly to your practice. 

Having fast access to patient records without the need for additional storage space enables you to maintain a high level of patient care while minimizing administrative costs. Let Doculynx show you how. 

The DocuLynx Medical Solution


Doculynx offers medical document scanning services and electronic “Cloud-based” document management software to increase the efficiency of your medical office dramatically. We offer a secure, hosted solution that involves rapid scanning, classifying, management, storage, and easy retrieval – bringing information to your fingertips, whenever you need it. 

Instant Information Access

Thanks to our advanced auto-classification technology, your clinical, billing, insurance and privacy documents can be automatically organized, tagged and archived without human intervention. That means every digital document can be located in seconds and never get lost, improving the accuracy and quality of patient care, as well as ensuring you stay compliant with current regulations. Find everything you need from the comfort of your desk, without wasting time going to a file room. 

Reduced Labor Costs

With DocuLynx, we provide scanning, digitizing, sorting, archiving and retrieval of all your documents. Automation allows you to operate your office with fewer employees. At the same time, your office will run more efficiently than ever, while staying compliant with legal, insurance and liability requirements.