Legal Document Management

You already know that the legal industry relies heavily on document- and content-intensive work—not to mention the sensitive information being handled. That’s why having the right document management system designed specifically for your firm’s needs is essential.

How are your documents currently stored? Is your computer overwhelmed with a maze of folders and sub-folders? Finding the right documents should be easy—especially if you’re introducing a new partner to the firm or a summer intern into the practice.

The right document management system is designed to make your life easier. Documents will be organized by client, type and staff member. Data can be indexed and tagged depending on your firm’s unique needs. And sensitive information will be securely stored in compliance-proof storage.

The end result? A pain-free management system that enables you to find documents quickly without frustration. That’s where DocuLynx comes into play. Our expertise and high-tech systems will help you manage the retention and disposition of records so you can focus on fighting for your clients.

This is particularly important for the legal industry because of the confidential and sensitive nature of documents. The risk of liability is high—and legal firms need the right protection in place to stay compliant.

Functionality That Works for You

The right document management system for your legal practice should do everything you need it to. Do you need email management or fax integration? What about permission management or document tagging? Because document management is key to your firm’s success, the right system will streamline your firm’s work and make processes more efficient.

With a document management system from DocuLynx, you’ll save time, money and energy. Whether you’re in the corporate or private practice world, your tailored system should be as robust and efficient as your practice.