Intelligent, Transparent Data Management 

Because of the challenges and expense in storing mass amounts of data a business collects in today’s information-rich environment, most companies are moving inactive and regulatory data online to a cloud archive. But just moving data from one place to another won’t help a business remain efficient when that information needs to be accessed later. There is a big difference between a basic data dump and intelligent migration of data.

DocuSuite Manages Your Data, Regardless Of Where It Resides

Benefits of Intelligent Migration with DocuSuite:      

  • Identify which information is critical and relevant vs. inactive and rarely used
  • Eliminate useless information – why pay to store information that isn’t driving value to the business just because you don’t know what you have?
  • Automatically apply retention and compliance policies
  • Migrate data intelligently to the cloud, while keeping relevant and critical data onsite in primary storage
  • Easily access and manage archived data
  • Automatically apply classification to all information, no matter where it is stored
  • Optimized storage utilization and reduced storage costs of 60-80%
The Cycle of Data

The Cycle of Data

DocuLynx takes the guesswork out of an incredibly difficult process and makes it easy to manage, leaving our customers free to derive value from the information they have. Learn more and download our solution paper.

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