Human Resources

You’re the record keeper and the rule enforcer. You manage employee onboarding and healthcare benefits, payroll and complaints. You do it all—while putting employees first. 

You already know that documents are at the core of HR operations. But the problem is that organizing and managing these files can be overwhelming, time-intensive and inefficient.

It’s about time that changed.

With a records management system, you can review, revise and distribute information with ease. You’ll be in control of the creation, growth, and accessibility of company records and reduce operating costs since efficiency and productivity will be at an all-time high. You’ll also keep up with compliance standards and policy changes.

No matter how you do things, DocuLynx can create a document management system that works for you, your process and your company. Let people remain the lifeblood of your business and allow technology to streamline your work. It’s time to have more time to focus on employee satisfaction and engagement throughout your organization. 

Hiring & Retention

You want to find the top candidates for the job—and keep them. Whether you struggle to keep track of applications or performance reviews, document management will streamline and automate the process. You’ll make smarter hiring decisions and gain visibility into the entire employee lifecycle.


You’ve hired the best of the best, but now you need to get them up to speed as soon as possible. Find onboarding documents with a few clicks so new employees can have a seamless training experience. You’ll even be able to track what steps have been completed when so you know where they stand.


One requirement of an HR department is to retain and destroy personnel records in accordance with federal, state and company policies. Your personal document management solution will be comprehensive so that all retention, reporting and record-keeping rules are adhered to in case of litigation.