Information Management for Government Organizations

Government organizations deal with a lot of information, and a lot of paper. In addition, organizations are concerned with managing regulations to ensure they stay in compliance, just like any other heavily regulated industry. And, each branch or division of the government, whether federal, state, or local, has its own individual challenges.

DocuLynx has helped many different government organizations with their information management, including document scanning and records management. 

Document Scanning and Electronic Records Management

DocuLynx has several solutions to help ensure government organizations, and within those organization’s departments, keep and access all necessary information. These organizations have a buildup of paper records and warehouses full of filing cabinets that are full of information. This data must often be kept in permanent archiving, and over time paper records, especially microfilm and microfiche, tend to fade with age.

It is at this point that many of these departments need to convert their backfiles into electronic formats to free up real estate and preserve the records. Especially when the records need to be meet regulatory requirements to remain in compliance. And, in many cases, the documents have to be accessible, even when in an archive.

Our scanning and records management solutions can help government departments and organizations with:

DocuLynx has a lot of experience with many levels and departments in government. You can be rest assured that your data is secure and that you have a partner who understands your unique challenges.

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