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Archive the Right Email for the Right Reasons

Email is an important part of business communication and data management. But email infrastructure costs are rising 30% annually, making email storage a costly problem for IT. In addition to the cost of storage, system stability declines as mail volume increases. We have the solution – a simple email archive that integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Enterprise Email Archive

DocuMail (dg Mail powered by DocuLynx) integrates on the server side and archives all emails and attachments. As a result, only very small reference files are needed to be stored in the mailbox itself, so it significantly reduces storage costs and improves the stability of the system.


Benefits of Archiving Mail with DocuMail:

  • Reduces volume on mail servers up to 70%

  • Improved system stability

  • Quick setup and install (usually only one day)

  • Integrates with MS Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise and many other email systems

  • Enhanced email capability with simple hyperarchive

    • Can search for keywords and text within document attachments.

  • Archive email before it even hits your inbox

  • Compliance-proof email archive

  • Employees no longer have to wonder how to find and view archived emails. Once archived, emails can be retrieved with our full feature document search capabilities.

  • Support of Office 365

Revision-safe Email Archive

DocuMail delivers decreased costs, increased security, and satisfies existing and new compliance regulations (of which can be overwhelming for any IT department to keep up). You can rapidly search and retrieve subject-specific emails and attachments for fast e-discovery. With DocuMail, you will be prepared to meet legal guidelines and company-internal regulations.

The introduction of secure and compliant email infrastructure has become a necessity for enterprises both big and small. Right from day one, with DocuMail, you will have the security you need to comply with pending litigation or audits.

Learn more about why archiving emails just got simpler with DocuMail (dg mail powered by DocuLynx) and contact a DocuLynx representative today.