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Case Studies

Solution: Document Capture and On-Premise Archiving
Case Study: Cabela’s World’s Foremost Bank

This organization saved $1.3 million by engaging DocuLynx to extract over 90 data elements from seven years of monthly multi-format credit card statements. After loading 85 million statements in a matter of days, DocuLynx helped the company create a single platform for all documents with multi-channel delivery for both internal users and end users.

Solution: Cloud-Based Archiving
Case Study: HR Solution for Trinity Industries

See how this multinational manufacturing company used DocuLynx’s Active Information Archive and DocHarbor Solutions™ to simplify access to paper-based employee information. The solutions streamlined the company’s HR functions and improved its ability to address injury litigation requests.

Case Study: City of San Diego

Learn how DocuLynx transformed this agency’s manual, outdated archiving process from one that put them at risk to one that created a competitive advantage. Through docHarbor Cloud™, a hosted archiving solution, users had 24/7 access to digitized files with full disaster recovery. docHarbor Cloud™ is also fully scalable and can grow as the needs of this agency grows.

Solution: Document & Mixed Media Capture
Case Study: Orange County, Calif., Social Services

Read how DocuLynx converted and indexed approximately 30 million paper case file images for this California social service agency, increasing accessibility and security for the documentation.

Solution: AP Automation
Case Study: John Deere

Learn how John Deere Streamlined AP Processing Across 60+ Locations