Keep Information Private, Wherever it Resides in Your Documents

Suppressing sensitive data through data redaction enables companies to meet HIPAA and PCI requirements. Redaction goes beyond encryption, because even with the most sophisticated encryption an admin still has access to the information. Data redaction allows companies to restrict access to only the users who have the required security clearance, or permanently redact the information.

DocuSuite Redaction Capabilities for Sensitive Data

  • Permanent and temporary redaction based on user roles and privileges
  • Redact dynamically by pattern, fixed x/y coordinates, business rules or workflow

Whether you need to redact social security numbers or credit card numbers to show only the last four digits, or based on industry-specific standards, we have you covered.


DocuSuite manages information in two ways:

1.) Redaction Upon Presentation:

  • Documents already stored in a system like SharePoint are still redacted
  • Preset rules launch redaction upon presentation/request
  • Documents are redacted based on security level of employee requesting presentation

2.) Permanent Redaction:

  • Redaction is done before the document gets stored to meet PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements.
  • Redaction based on zone or location on the page. For example, the system sees a pattern, such as a social security number, and redacts all instances of this pattern.
  • Redaction is permanent. This is an excellent solution for raw files that would otherwise pose a tempting hacking risk for personal information such as credit card numbers.

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