Do More Than Just Store Your Data

Optimize and Make Data Searchable with DocuClassify

As you look to move your data to the cloud, it is likely that you are finding data classification a time-consuming and expensive process for your organization’s IT department. But you also know that to ensure compliance and security, data classification is a necessary task.

Enterprises must identify, differentiate and classify their information. Which documents or data should be kept for compliance purposes? What should be brought under access control? Which information is little used or redundant? Classification distinguishes between critical or sensitive data and vast volumes of inactive and non-sensitive data. The use of a Cloud deployment model enhances and simplifies the technical execution of the classification model.

Closing the Information Value Gap

  • Classification is performed automatically in most cases, using a combination of metadata- and content-based classifiers - thus simplifying classification rules. 
  • Classification is performed based on an enterprise-wide classification scheme covering all information sources (such as files systems, email, and SharePoint) and formats (office files, documents, email, and SharePoint). 
  • The classification information is attached directly to the single information object in a standardized format that can be read and used by any other application. 
  • Policies and rules for the handling of information can be expressed independently of formats and source and use the classification of an information object as a trigger or criteria.


Innovate and Automate with DocuClassify

DocuClassify offers a unique approach to auto-classifying data. It combines external attribute, pattern matching/regular expression, and a new training-based methodology to optimize the classification process. It equalizes performance when data volume is high and can identify critical data when precision is required for sensitive data. 

Benefits of the DocuClassify Platform

  • Enables the complete automated classification of files, SharePoint data, and email based on an enterprise-wide schema
  • Available as a Cloud service in Microsoft Azure and can classify data that originates in the Cloud or classify data from the Cloud that resides on-premise 
  • Achieves greater compliance, adherence and information security through autoclassification
  • Seamlessly scales the solution to take advantage of a services pay-as-you-use model
  • Creates an ideal scenario for autoclassification with content-based classification using sample sets instead of complicated rules

Unlimited Applications of Auto-Classification

  • Manage access control to sensitive data
  • Trigger auto-encryption services
  • Provide filters to enable the organization to control and manage what should and shouldn’t move to the Cloud
  • Identify the data that must be transferred to an audit-proof, long-term preservation archive 
  • Improve the searchability of data for discovery purposes
  • Associate data to its tax jurisdiction

DocuClassify in Action

Managing Less Sensitive/Inactive Data

A local connector enables DocuClassify to continuously classify and tag data from the Cloud, based on its degree of sensitivity. In this case, the most sensitive data is encrypted during transport and not moved to the Cloud. Leveraging intelligent HSM-capabilities, DocuFile then migrates the non-sensitive data transparently (for the user and applications) to the Cloud, making it available on demand.

Classifying in the Cloud

DocuClassify addresses data that is generated in the Cloud by classifying it directly there – a new development in information security and regulatory compliance. Classification performance is equal to that of indexing data for use with search engines. An initial classification in the Cloud will result in the utilization of several Cloud instances.

The bottom line: By using DocuClassify for autoclassification and moving your data to the cloud, you can optimize storage, lower your IT costs, and reduce compliance risk. It is software that solves real problems.

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