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Know What Information You Have with DocuAnalyze

IT budgets aren’t growing nearly as fast as enterprise data creation, and Tier 1 storage space can be expensive. Organizations can save on storage costs by moving some data to the cloud, but most simply struggle to get a handle on what information they have.

This has serious repercussions for many organizations, because how can you take proper steps to secure PII and other sensitive data if you don’t even know where it is? We help you understand what data you are holding, identify information that can be removed or archived, and identify the data that needs to be securely stored.

With DocuAnalyze, organizations can better manage resources and information

  • Analyze – full audit/analysis of storage resource usage 
  • Report – visual and comprehensive display of resource usage: forecasts resource availability 
  • Monitor – monitor resources across all systems – by device, directories, SLA’s and applications

The DocuAnalyze module gives organizations information on current capacity management and complete data assessment statistics. From this, we provide a step-by-step guide to optimizing information using a sustainable and automated approach.


The Benefits Of Utilizing DocuAnalyze To Uncover Your Information:

  • Reduce storage costs by 60-80%
  • Manage uncontrolled data growth 
  • Save on future costs through data-driven storage growth planning 
  • View into all resources in heterogeneous and diverse storage environments, and a high-level view of your storage systems 
  • Gain detailed snapshots of your storage systems 
  • Enable sound decision-making for sustainable ILM, capacity and IT process planning  
  • Manage space shortages with early warning alerts 
  • Lower administrative workload 
  • Support Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes; such as capacity management 
  • Strengthen your operational security

DocuLynx DocuAnalyze Platform Features:

  • Full audit/analysis of storage resource usage 
  • Visualization of growth trends 
  • Quota system to limit your data growth 
  • Central, rule-based and highly automated analysis and reports 
  • Centralized monitoring and reporting with a uniform display of information 
  • Detection of redundant data 
  • Individual grouping of resources, servers, and data 
  • Customized reporting with numerous charts and tables available in multiple formats 
  • Ability to aggregate reports from all storage levels 
  • Three-level-view: data systems, HBAs, storage subsystems 
  • Web-based parameter settings for scans, reports 
  • Benchmark setting assessment speeds - without noticeable operational impact 
  • Seamless integration with all DocuSuite modules

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