Construction Information management

We don’t have to tell you that construction projects generate large quantities of data before, during, and after on-site construction. Historically, each individual project team managed this information and the data was isolated from the rest of the organization. But advances in information technology have enabled some of this data to be collected and stored, albeit often in disparate systems.

The good news is that construction companies have huge opportunities to better manage and automate their information, and doing so will contribute to the overall success and growth of the organization.

Let DocuLynx Help Manage Your Construction Information

From specs to CAD drawings, from materials to procurement documents, there are a lot of pieces of data going in and out of your organization. And that doesn’t even touch the information collected that is part of day-to-day business operations, such as accounting, employee and contractor records, and proposal documents.


An information management solution with DocuLynx will:

  • Integrate and streamline data
  • Automate workflow
  •  Improve operational efficiency
  • Analyze, classify and store data using the right retention schedules
  • Offload secondary data from Tier 1 storage to cloud storage and archive
  • Ensure information is compliant, secure, and accessible

Contact us today to learn how DocuLynx can help manage your valuable information and maximize the power of your construction data.