Cloud Storage and Consumption

Reduce Storage Costs by Optimizing the Cloud

Data is increasing at an exponential rate and, in many companies, only 20% of the data stored on the network is used on a daily basis. To meet this ever-expanding storage capacity IT budgets continue to rise each year to keep up, often for data that can be archived somewhere else for a lesser cost. 


Where To Start To Reduce Your Storage Costs

First, you must analyze your data to see what you have. Businesses often have old information they are required maintain, either for compliance or other logic, but that information doesn’t have to take up space on high-cost storage platforms. Using DocuAnalyze, you can get a handle on the data you need to keep and migrate the rest to a cloud archive. 

Optimize Your Storage Space

DocuLynx offers APIs to connect with many cloud storage services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and private cloud networks. We also provide a similar level of service with our cloud platform, DocHarbor. Regardless of the cloud platform you use to archive your data, DocuSuite can help analyze, classify, and access archived data when you need it with our software modules:

  • DocuAnalyze to analyze and audit data to get a handle on what should be archived 
  • DocuClassify to classify and migrate the right data to the cloud and classify data directly in the cloud
  • DocuFile to automatically archive files and migrate rarely used files to the cloud 
  • DocHarbor (or other cloud platform) to securely store, search, retrieve and archive data

Benefits of Cloud Storage

  • Reduce Storage Costs – the cloud is elastic, meaning you only pay for what you use
  • Optimize Data Management – know what data you have, and where
  • Access Data Easily – search for data and quickly retrieve it when you need it
  • Decrease Compliance Risk – keep data secured in a long-term and auditable archive
  • Control Data Growth – save only the data your employees need on hand to complete their work

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