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Blockchain is Coming to Data Management

Blockchain is Coming to Data Management


If you haven’t noticed, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Ethereum have infiltrated the tech and investment industries. But the new technology has already started to infiltrate other sectors, adding serious value to a company’s management and security practices. So what do these Internet-based technologies have to do with...

The 8 Most Important Items You Need to Know About Data Storage Management

The 8 Most Important Items You Need to Know About Data Storage Management

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to data storage. But there are a few things you need to understand before implementing a management system into your organization.

Data storage management is far more than just backing up files and software to a storage device or the cloud, that’s simply not enough. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to...

Is Records Management Dead?

Is Records Management Dead?

Traditionally, records management involved manual dragging and dropping of files into folders and manual metadata application—all of which followed standard taxonomy rules and retention schedules.

These days, technology has kept up with...

Don't Just Migrate to the Cloud. Optimize Your Move with DocuClassify.

Workflow Automation, Regulatory & Compliance, Records Management, Information Governance, Cloud-Based Archiving, Big Data

As enterprises look to the Cloud to gain storage efficiencies, many IT organizations are finding data classification to be a time-consuming and expensive process – yet, for security and compliance reasons, it is an imperative.

Before moving data to the Cloud, enterprises must first identify, differentiate and classify their information. Which documents or data need to be kept for compliance purposes? What needs to be brought under access control? Which information is little used or redundant?  With DocuClassify. 

What is Information Chaos?

Information (documents, emails, videos, podcasts, voicemails, texts, tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn conversations, customer analytics,etc.) surrounds us. We rely on this information for entertainment and to do our jobs. Access by employees to information and manipulation by companies of their customer information to serve customer needs is THE competitive advantage today.

Better information equals better results.

The problem? That information is everywhere and not always managed effectively. By managed we mean channeled towards some business outcome. We use the phrase “Information Chaos” to describe this ongoing and accelerating state of massive information disruption.

Download Information Chaos V Information Opportunity: The information challenge for the next decade presented by AIIM, June 2014.