Most IT departments are experiencing critical mass in data storage, tight budgets, complex infrastructures and concerns about information security. DocuLynx can help you reduce storage costs by up to 80% with a solution that is easy to implement - all while making data more secure.

We help our customers identify and classify information in a way that allows them to make cost saving decisions while also helping their organization meet compliance and security requirements. We can quickly analyze their information so they can know:

  • WHAT TO KEEP - Important information, information required to be retained per policy, active files
  • WHAT TO DELETE - Redundant information, obsolete Information, trivial Information, information beyond retention period
  • WHAT TO SECURE & ENCRYPT - Customer information, sensitive, confidential information, employee files, intellectual property
  • WHERE TO PUT IT - Primary storage, cloud, archive, tapes, etc.

Download our guide  STRATEGIES TO REDUCE STORAGE COSTS. Then, feel free to contact us for a free analysis of your primary storage. Our customers save an average 60 – 80% on storage costs…you can too!