Industry solutions to suit every business and Organization


Your business needs to intelligently migrate and store your most important data as it comes through. Whether your industry has specific compliance regulations, requires the highest levels of security (like personally identifiable information), or has data needing to be kept in compliance-ready storage DocuLynx has the extensive experience and leading industry experts to help you. We provide tailored service solutions to the following industries.

Legal  |  Healthcare  |  Education  |  Construction & Engineering  |  Insurance

Government  |  Energy  |  Transportation  |  Finance  |  Mortgage & Title  |  Manufacturing


Navigating the complexities of the legal industry's document management requirements can be daunting. Let DocuLynx's experts help you to manage your legal files to save you valuable time, reduce costs, and stay in compliance. We custom tailor our solutions to your practice.


DocuLynx technologies allow for the flexibility to manage even the most robust and complicated corporate legal file system you may have. Contact us today to setup a trial demonstration with your data. 

Private Practice

We know the importance of efficiency and the cost savings that it bring to private legal firms. Let our cost effect solutions save you time and money.


Partnerships have their own nuances and file structures to maintain exclusive access to certain files. DocuLynx's solutions maintain secure access control and data integrity.


In any healthcare facility, time is of the essence. DocuLynx provides your staff with comprehensive healthcare solutions to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your records management so you can focus on providing the best healthcare services at lighting speeds.


Accurate record administration in hospitals can literally mean life or death. A DocuLynx solution means providing quicker access to your vital data, secure access control for the right personnel, and will save your organization's bottom line.

Private Practices 

Your medical private practice is focused on maintaining accurate records, keeping the flow of patients moving through the office every day, and keeping expenditures low. Our private practice solutions are quick to implement and easy to manage.

Other Medical institutions

There are many other types of medical facilities out there including clinics, medical insurance companies, urgent care facilities, and more. DocuLynx's custom healthcare solutions can tailor to each and every healthcare facility there is.


At DocuLynx we value the organization of information and understand the importance of how the transfer of information is the key component to effective education. Let our education experts guide you through the complexities of managing your documents and information so you can be rest assured your organization's data is accurate, accessible, and secure.

Elementary - High School

Your children's data privacy and quick access are top of the mind when we provide solutions to your administration office. Our experts will guide you to the right solution for your school and assist you through an easy and quick implementation.

Higher Education

Colleges and other higher education institutions have their own specific data requirements and needs. Let our DocuLynx data specialists assist you with providing a customized solution for all your documents and information.

Charter & Private Schools

Charter and private schools typically have unique data requirements and the storage and maintenance of this information needs to match these requirements. DocuLynx solutions can match any of the most difficult requirements and be cost effective.

Construction, Engineering, and Architecture Firms

Accuracy and accessibility is a priority when managing your technical documents. Let DocuLynx's experts help guide you through the process of managing oversized and high-volume technical documents securely and in the cloud. Access and share documents on the go, anywhere in the world, to help bring your projects under budget and ahead of schedule.


Time is money. DocuLynx knows how important time is to any construction project and that the accuracy and availability of the data is vital. Let our industry experts help you in finding the right solution for your information.


Engineering is all about design. And accuracy in your data is crucial to building the smallest nano-particle to the biggest skyscrapers. Our document scanning and data solutions provide complete and accurate information you can access from anywhere.


Architecture documents can come in a multitude of formats and sizes. The technical complexity of your data needs to come through, be accurate, and be available anywhere at anytime. Our document service experts and records management solutions can tailor to any architecture firm.

Mortgage & Title Companies

Speed is of the essence when managing your mortgage and title documents. And accuracy and regulatory compliance are also top-of-mind within this industry. With the right document management solution in hand you'll be able to quickly access all your important documents knowing they're secure and compliant.

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The transportation industry moves quickly. Don’t let your data hold you back. DocuLynx provides transportation companies a way to quickly automate processes, easily find and manage information, and digitize paper documents.

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If there is one type of organization that needs to work toward a budget – government agencies are it. It is essential to manage information through an automated, streamlined approach while remaining compliant with the many regulations government agencies are faced with today. It is also of upmost importance to work with a partner you can trust. DocuLynx has worked with government agencies large and small to help them stay on track with their data.

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Financial organizations not only handle and store a lot of data, most of that data includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which must be kept secure. DocuLynx can help financial organizations move from paper-based processes to streamlined electronic data processes, all while ensuring you remain compliant and protect PII.

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Companies in the manufacturing sector often have multiple locations, with disparate systems and processes for managing huge amounts of data. DocyLynx can help streamline these into one centralized repository for electronic records, all while ensuring your data is compliant and accessible in case of litigation.

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The energy industry is changing rapidly. Energy organizations must find ways to optimize information to maintain a competitive advantage. Streamlined workflows, easily retrievable information, and regulatory compliance are all concerns for energy companies. DocuLynx can help manage your documents, move you from paper filing systems to electronics records all while remaining compliant.

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Insurance companies often get bogged down with different types of documents and processes, causing their service levels to suffer. Our data management and storage solutions can relieve the, enabling insurance companies to offer faster turnaround times for their customers.

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